Ronald Honig - Rona bad roofing service

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on March 26th I contracted for roof replacement on house and garage from RONA

after the roof demolition RONA placed a "water proof layer" on the roofs - no shingles yet

which leaked in both the house and garage after the rain came

RONA never came out till after complaints of water leakage then they placed singles on the roofs

RONA still has to pickup the debris leftover and replace the insulation and plastic they ripped out after the roof leakage

I am still waiting for someone to come out and it is now June

After many emails their response is "we'll be there"

Review about: Roof Replacement.

Ronald Honig - Bad Dallas Attorney

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I am now dieing because Ronald Honig cost me months of soc security benefits.

I fired this attorney but he still billed $4500 even though he did not earn it, working on my case less than a few hours, he hurt my social security case by not being prepared and stalling hearings. Now because social security did not agree to pay him, he has attached my social security to pay a fee he did not earn.

I have no income, am very sick, and will be unable to pay for medication I desperately need. I figure the least I can do is save some other sick person.

There are a lot of wonderful, caring attorneys out there, especially in Dallas Texas, so that you do not have to use Ronald Honig. Please believe me, please be so careful.

There is no way I can write my whole circumstances here, but I assure you, I post this only to protect others from what happened to me that has now cost me my life. Think about it, I am dieing, why would I spend my last days posting these comments about Ronald Honig unless I felt it was worth every last minute to warn you about this attorney.



Agree.This Atty hurt my case.

He had me as a client and it cost me dearly. He was not prepared and did not have any of my medical records for court. And when I asked him to explain why he was not ready after 18 months he was nasty . He never informed me there was a problem.

Stay away from this Atty.If there are good reviews I am sure it was a staff member that wrote it.


Terrible customer service. Never returned any of my communications even after several attempt through his web site and email.

Dallas, Texas, United States #787327

This lawyer is not professional, he is rude, never has anything ready, talks over you. Does not listen, he could care less.


I have the same feeling using this Attorney. He does not listen, is rude, never has paperwork together. You will waste time with this attorney :(


You missed the point entirely, Mr Honig not only billed me for the 25%, BUT also $2500 in expenses.Will he bill you a high expense amount?

Didi you read the contract you signed? Mr.

Honig demands more than just the 25%.Better ask him now before you get another bill from him.


Social Security agreed with me, I just received a letter from SSI that Mr Honig is not due any money for representing me, and I do not have to pay back the money Mr Honig has been paid. So at least the system works. Boy, hope you get your social security and you are not agreeing with me a year from now.


I find it somewhat amusing that you post a complaint and start it off by saying "I am now dieing because Ron Honig cost me months of social security benefits".

A bit melodramatic and exaggerated maybe?

First off, if your health is that bad off that you are dieing because of a delay in social security benefits you likely will qualify for medicaid, which will pay for all the prescriptions your doctor says you need to survive. Might want to look into it.

Next, when you hire an attorney, any attorney, for social security cases the first thing they all do is get you to go through and sign documents granting them permission to charge you a static (25% cap I believe) percentage of the social security benefits you receive only IF you receive them. What this means is that at worst he was paid a % of the money you were awarded which you agreed to. So my question is this; where's the other 75% or so of the money social security awarded you? Did you spend it on your medications?

Social Security is a messy system, and it's a pain to get anything done. Some people wait years before hearing a decision. Don't blame the attorney and try to make him sound like a murderer or crook because you're not happy with the way the system works or how long it takes. You should instead be writing letters to your representatives and asking them to make changes and improvements to the system.

I'm a client of Mr. Honig, and I can honestly say I am very much satisfied with every aspect of his representation thus far, how upfront and helpful he and his office staff have been. Everything has been done in a timely manner, and they're never bothered by me calling to check how the case is going or asking for updates.

Anyone looking for a helpful attorney, call Mr. Honigs office and have a chat with him. Very pleasant gentleman, and I gladly recommend him.

to RSteele Caldwell, Texas, United States #682214

I agree with RSteele.Mr Honig was my attorney and he did a good job for me.

He and his staff were very caring and helpful. Yes it took me awhile to get my benifits but that was the system and not him.

They kept me up on what was going on the whole time.I have suggested him to others if they needed a lawyer.

to BJ #1096713

Ron Honig is currently my Attorney and I am very pleased with the way I am being treated.

to Anonymous Austin, Texas, United States #1322261

I just hired this attorney, please tell me I didn't make a mistake?

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